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ApplEcol is a research group of CIBIO – Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources/InBIO. The main thread linking ApplEcol researchers is the strong interest in population and community ecology, and its use as a conceptual framework to solve practical problems in the fields of ecosystem management, conservation biology, impact assessment and mitigation, and the sustainable use of biological resources. A strong attention is also devoted to the development and testing of general concepts and theories in population and community ecology, using human interventions on socio-ecological systems, both positive and negative, as informative experiments occurring over a wide range of temporal and spatial scales. The group thus aims to strengthen the feedback loop between applied and fundamental ecological research, to the mutual benefit of science and the resolution of pressing societal problems. The main research topics currently covered are:

  1. Spatial population ecology, examining the demographic drivers of population fluctuations, and range expansions and contractions, in relation to behavioural, environmental and anthropogenic factors.
  2. Species responses to human infrastructures, examining changes in behaviour, distribution, abundance and vital rates (e.g., survival, dispersal), and how these in turn affect population trends and viability, thus contributing to improve impact assessment and mitigation.
  3. Metapopulation dynamics, examining how species persistence in highly fragmented landscapes is affected by local demography, dispersal, species interactions, and patch and matrix dynamics.
  4. Community assembly in human dominated landscapes, examining species and functional richness, composition and structure of biological assemblages, and how they are affected by species interaction, and habitat loss, fragmentation and management.
  5. Metacommunity patterns and processes, examining the mechanisms underlying the spatial and temporal distribution of biological diversity within habitat patches in fragmented landscapes.

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